From My Loveseat to My Favourite Seat

Welcome to MyLoveseat, where we celebrate the incredible feeling of cosiness and comfort that a great chair can bring.

When we started this website, we were particularly passionate about one specific style of chair: the Loveseat. We loved how it was the perfect size for two people to snuggle up together, and the name just sounded so charming and romantic. We wanted to help people find the ideal Loveseat for their home and garden.

But as time went on, we began to realise something: Everyone has their favourite chair. Nan and Granddad have their trusty rocking chair, rise-and-recliner or comfy fireside chair for warmth and nostalgia. Dad has a classic leather Chesterfield armchair, and Mum loves her curvy snuggler sofa, while teenagers prefer their high-tech gaming chairs and kids their squishy bean bags.

Some of us prefer to stretch out on a big, comfy sofa, while others need the firm support of an armchair. Some like to sit up straight, while others prefer to lounge back and put their feet up.

We came to appreciate that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to comfort in the home. Each of us has individual tastes and preferences, which makes us all so interesting and unique.

At MyLoveseat, we believe that finding the perfect seating solution is all about personal preference. So we’ve expanded beyond just promoting one style of chair. We want to help you find the ideal seating solution for your home, whatever that might be, whether you’re looking for a luxurious leather armchair for your study or a cosy recliner for your living room.

We are here to inspire you if you’re looking for a modern chair design indoors, a garden companion seat or a rattan conservatory suite. Because when it comes to comfort, there’s nothing more important than having your favourite chair to curl up and relax.

Author Debra Binns
Curated by Debra Binns

Debra Binns is the co-founder of Debra has been creating and sharing relevant content about home and fashion since 2009, helping customers navigate and select from the vast range of both homeware and fashion available from high street and online stores.

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